2sxc CMS and App (Plugin) Engine

  by:  2sxc
Full featured CMS and App-Engine which is hybrid and works on Oqtane as well as Dnn
211 downloads  |   released: Nov 30, 2022  |   version: 14.12.03


  by:  Oqtane
A Blog module for Oqtane. Allows a user to publish blog posts.
1,059 downloads  |   released: Sep 19, 2022  |   version: 1.0.5


  by:  BlazorHelpWebsite
An Oqtane module that allows administrators to create user surveys.
438 downloads  |   released: Apr 15, 2022  |   version: 2.0.0


  by:  Studio-Elf
Tag It allows you to add tags to a page. when clicked will show a dialog of all other pages with that tag. Then module allow you to add a descriptive text that is displayed and also used within the TagIt search functionality. Tag It comes with TagIt.Cloud. The cloud module collates all the tags so nothing is ever very far away.
333 downloads  |   released: Jun 10, 2022  |   version: 3.1.2


  by:  Studio-Elf
The announcement module lets you create announcements, blog post, documentation and more. Build with search and tags. This module also come with a timeline module which allows you to display a category or timeline marked items. The module will automatically achieve items (the schedule will need to be activated).
322 downloads  |   released: Jun 07, 2022  |   version: 2.4.0


  by:  Studio-Elf
StudioElf.DynamicForm - Is a Forms Designer lets you easily add controls to a form, and arrange them. The Form Designer gives you an object-oriented, visual environment for creating graphical forms and other user interface elements. Once your form is designed you are able to capture and display data in a presenter PREVIEW / BETA release
70 downloads  |   released: Oct 12, 2022  |   version:

ImageFlow Image Resizer

  by:  2sxc
An extremely powerful Image Resizer using ImageFlow
45 downloads  |   released: Oct 10, 2022  |   version: 01.01.00


  by:  Studio-Elf
StudioElf Feedback module. Receive feedback for your visitors. Feedback is stored with a selected users notification area. The module relies on the Notification scheduled service to be running. Fix has been applied to correctly send the feedback through the Notification Service
145 downloads  |   released: May 04, 2022  |   version: 3.1.1


  by:  Studio-Elf
Currently a simple media module. Allows you to add and image to a page. Image can be resized and also made clickable. Click destination can be internal to the site or external.
314 downloads  |   released: Jul 10, 2021  |   version: 2.2.0

Video Player

  by:  Trifoia
Blazored.Video wrapped in an Oqtane Module
4 downloads  |   released: Nov 11, 2022  |   version: 1.0.0